CyanogenMod, SimplyTapp partner — 01:50:34(CDT)8-31-2012
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CyanogenMod, SimplyTapp partner

Seattle, Aug. 30, 2012 — As we continue working on CyanogenMod 10, we are taking an opportunity to revisit CM 9 for one more hurrah! The introduction of something unique.

Welcome to Tapp! A near field communication (NFC) payment platform for the CyanogenMod community and powered by SimplyTapp. Founded by two CM enthusiasts, Doug and Ted, Simplytapp provides a method for evolving, securing and expanding NFC payments.

We have had a relationship with SimplyTapp since the onset of CM 9, and they have submitted a handful of patches to the existing codebase that expanded the NFC capabilities on our devices.

Simply Tapp to pay with your phone!

We are proud to announce a joint partnership to help launch this platform.

Here is the relevant information:

  • To Sign-up flash CM9.1 on your NFC capable device, and get the Tapp app
  • Costs It is between $0 and $5 to get an NFC card. That all depends on the card or cards you select.
  • Cards supported At the moment you can sign up for a Tapp Anywhere Card (like a gift card with a fixed balance), CyanogenMod Tapp Card (Reloadable), as well as various store cards (depending on location).
  • Security Card credentials are stored in the cloud and enabled to the point-of-sale via standard security mechanisms. By evolving from the plastic card model, this keeps your credentials (aka payment information) secure, accessible by only you, and only when you need them.

CyanogenMod 9.0s stable release included the necessary components to utilize this functionality, but with the release of CyanogenMod 9.1 we wanted to make sure all our NFC users were aware of this functionality and encourage them to try it out. Just install the app, and this will allow you access to all of the unique features SimplyTapp has built.

SimplyTapp allows separation of the card credential from the vulnerable handset, and ties it directly from the card issuer to the card holder instead. This empowers anyone from the largest retailer or bank to the smallest application developer to control point-of-sale payment functionality and distribute to any NFC capable device. To do so, enhancements were necessary on the OS level of the NFC stack; enter CyanogenMod.

Supported devices include the:

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus S(4G)
  • Samsung Galaxy ll
  • And any other NFC enabled device supported by CyanogenMod!

We are launching this with the Ice Cream Sandwich codebase to prevent issues from the rapidly changing Jelly Bean code breaking app functionality. The Tapp functionality will be incorporated into CM 10 as well. For further information, contact or visit their website at .

For non-NFC users, CyanogenMod 9.1 contains bug-fixes over the last release. It should also serve as an indicator that though new features arent being rolled in, support for the code branch and the addition of newly supported devices will continue. Look out for more devices to make their way to a stable release, including the LG myTouch Q, the p4 tablets with functioning cameras and others as we work with the community to incorporate more device trees.

Happy Flashing

-The CyanogenMod Team

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CyanogenMod, SimplyTapp partner — 01:50:34(CDT)8-31-2012
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