Element triPOS middleware earns EMV certification — 02:57:17(CDT)8-31-2015

Element triPOS middleware earns EMV certification

Cincinnati, Aug. 31, 2015 – Element Payment Services, a Vantiv company (NYSE: VNTV) and a recognized leader in PCI compliant payment processing solutions, announced today that its triPOS® payment processing middleware software has been U.S. EMV certified to the Vantiv payment processing platform by the major card companies. triPOS is a semi-integrated solution designed to simplify payments and enhance security for merchants using the ISV’s point-of-sales application.

“triPOS removes all the complexities around EMV and payments for the ISV developer with a simple, one time integration,” said Coy Christensen, vice president of product management at Element. “This allows a developer to go to market with an EMV certified solution in just weeks and reduces EMV certification costs by tens of thousands of dollars.”

By using triPOS, ISVs become out-of-scope for PA-DSS and EMV device certifications, and small and medium-sized businesses benefit from reduced PCI DSS scope when triPOS is combined with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. This product suite allows ISVs to easily and securely incorporate a comprehensive suite of transaction protocols, including credit processing, EMV and Near Field Communication (NFC).

“Element and Vantiv are innovative technology partners that we have worked with for years,” said Matthew Scudder, vice president of operations at Millennium Systems International, which produces business management software for spas and salons around the world. “Element has guided us down a path of success and epitomizes how true business partners should work collectively to combat any obstacle in the best interest of our mutual customer base. The EMV shift has had an impact on the ISV community; and by extension, the thousands of spas and salons we service worldwide. We are extremely pleased with the triPOS solution as it has allowed us to strategically provide our customers with a variety of point-to-point encrypted devices with both EMV and NFC capabilities.”

The initial EMV certified devices supported by Element include the Verifone® VX805, MX915 and Ingenico® iSC 250, iPP 320/350 series.

This month, Element and sister company Mercury Payment Systems announced the Security Pays initiative, designed to educate payments partners and business owners on how to help protect their businesses from the multitude of security threats facing them today. Both Vantiv business units are working to drive adoption of security standards, protocols and products across the industry to help payments partners and their business customers keep data more secure.

“We want to help our partners to protect themselves and their clients against the ever-evolving set of security threats,” said Matt Downs, senior vice president of channel for Vantiv integrated payments. “Security is a shared responsibility between payment processors, software developers and merchants. We believe our software providers are key to securing the environment, and we are here to empower them with products like triPOS, as well as education and resources.”

For more information about Element, go to http://www.elementps.com/emv-for-merchants, or visit the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Source: Company press release.

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Element triPOS middleware earns EMV certification — 02:57:17(CDT)8-31-2015
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