Q: What is ResidualMarketplace.Com?

A: ResidualMarketplace.Com is an online marketplace where sellers of portfolio residuals are able to list their portfolio online for free and prospective buyers are able to look at the general details of your listing(s) and contact you directly with no middlemen or brokers.

Q: How do sellers list their portfolio?

A: Please navigate to our How it Works page for full details.

Q: How do buyers contact a Seller?

A: Please navigate to our How it Works page for full details.

Q: I submitted a listing but it did not show immediately, what can I do?

A: ResidualMarketplace.Com is very concerned about spam on our website. As such, we do our own due diligence to determine if a listing is spam before it is posted. This is why you may experience a delay from the time you submit a listing to the time it appears “active” on our website. For more information, contact us at support@residualmarketplace.com

Q: I paid the fee to view full listing details. Why can’t I email or phone a seller?

A: Once you pay a fee to view full listing details, we will email you a security code to access our password protected page. If the password is not working or if you did not receive a password, please email us at info@residualmarketplace.com.

Q: Why should I list my residuals with ResidualMarketplace.Com?

A: We heavily market our site online and in major trade journals. It is the leading site on the web for connecting buyers and sellers of portfolio residuals. No other site on the internet provides the exposure your listing will receive and it is our goal to only connect serious buyers with your listing(s). Additionally, we take your privacy seriously. Only buyers that pay a fee to view your listing are given your contact information. We do not sell or otherwise make your information available to any party for any reason.