How it Works

A One-Time Low Fee For Buyers to View Full Listing Details

How it Works for Sellers

  1. Increased Market Exposure
  2. Quality Buyers
  3. Short Sales Cycle
  4. No Broker Fees

The first step is simple: Navigate to the “Submit a Listing for Free” Page.

Second, enter the required information to post your listing. You will be asked to provide the following information to add a listing successfully:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Type of Listing
  • Number of Merchants (the total number of merchants in your portfolio)
  • Net Monthly Revenue (your total monthly residual stream)
  • Comments (information about your listing, benefits, reason you’re selling)
  • Business Name
  • Your Email
  • Daytime Phone
  • That’s it! The only information displayed to the general public is the type of listing you’re offering, number of merchants, monthly revenue and your comments. Your personal contact information is never displayed openly to the public. You benefit from knowing the only parties’ privy to your contact information are buyers serious enough to pay to view listings. From there, you will be contacted directly from a prospective buyer to negotiate the details of your transaction directly with no middlemen or brokers. Often this means you can maximize the value of your residual sale by not having to pay a large fee to sell your portfolio.

    It’s as simple as that! Get started now and submit your listing for free!

    How it Works for Buyers

    1. Comparison Shopping
    2. Real-Time Seller Listings
    3. Increased Deal Flow
    4. No Broker Fees

    Buyers are able to view all of our listings for free; however, to receive contact information for sellers on ResidualsMarketplace.Com, you’ll need to pay a small fee to gain access to a specific listing. We password protect the full details of our listings so they know that when you email them with an inquiry about their listing that you’re a serious buyer ready to negotiate a transaction.

    To view our available listings, navigate to the “View Listings” page now!