TransFirst aligns with iNtelli-Bill on medical billing — 04:03:48(CDT)4-30-2015
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TransFirst aligns with iNtelli-Bill on medical billing

Hauppauge, New York, April 30, 2015 — TransFirst(®), a leading provider of transaction processing services and payment-enabling technologies, and iNtelli-Bill, a division of American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMS) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance. TransFirst will provide a wide array of payment processing products, including integrated electronic payment processing services, for the medical community. iNtelli-Bill offers online, flat-rate medical billing services and leases its medical billing software (HorizonMIS) to physicians who prefer to handle billing internally.

One of the most significant issues affecting a physician’s bottom line is their ability to effectively collect patient payments. The problem may be exacerbated as high-deductible health insurance plans become more commonplace. The power of TransFirst’s payment processing solutions, now integrated within HorizonMIS, can help improve the way medical offices collect patient payments at the time of service, and post-adjudication. Additionally, TransFirst enables the acceptance of eChecks, ACH transactions, and provides a secure Internet-based gateway through which patients can pay any time, increasing opportunities for reimbursement. This solution also reduces the chance of human error since patient information is entered only once, then populates into the patient’s records in all of the necessary places.

“TransFirst is excited to align with iNtelli-Bill to provide integrated payment processing solutions that can make getting paid even easier,” said Carl Mazzola, President, Health and Public Services at TransFirst. “In addition to offering many benefits for providers, patients will also benefit by the convenience of paying anytime, anywhere and the flexibility to pay their invoice in full or establishing payment plans.”

“It’s always been more difficult and costly to collect money from patients than insurance companies, and increasing deductibles make it that much harder. Even though patients are aware of their policy provisions, few are prepared or able to pay these amounts,” said Bob Bortz, iNtelli-Bill’s CEO. He continued, “Unfortunately, doctors receive the lowest priority for payment behind mortgages, car payments, utility bills and credit cards. High premiums and high deductibles have created a perfect storm, wreaking havoc on physicians’ cash flow.”

iNtelli-Bill’s CTO Larry Evans said,”TransFirst has been extremely easy to work with and helpful with all phases of implementation. iNtelli-Bill is very excited to roll out this new system, which increases patient payment options, improves patient relationships, and saves everybody time and money. Physicians may see increased cash flow while reducing the costs associated with collecting patient payments and should see a marked decrease in outstanding patient receivables.”

About TransFirst, LLC

A leading provider of secure transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, TransFirst offers innovative products and services designed with financial institution, independent sales organization, healthcare, e-commerce, government and merchant customers’ unique needs in mind. By collaborating with our customers and utilizing strong industry knowledge, we can help them grow their businesses. Founded in 1995, TransFirst continues to attain significant market share and world-class expertise in growing and profitable industry segments. Built on a platform of personal service, customer commitment and flexible pricing, TransFirst is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, and has operations facilities in Aurora, Colorado; Broomfield, Colorado; Franklin, Tennessee; Cypress, California; and Dallas, Texas. For additional information, please call 800.745.2659 or visit .

About iNtelli-Bill

iNtelli-Bill is the Billing Service division of American Medical Systems, Inc. and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. iNtelli-Bill offers a full service medical billing solution on a flat rate or flat fee per claim basis which helps save physicians money without sacrificing quality. Percentage-based arrangements are also available if preferred. iNtelli-Bill consistently achieves the highest “First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate” in the nation with a rate of 99.6% as of December, 2014. iNtelli-Bill clients use the HorizonMIS front office system for patient registration, scheduling, eligibility and more. HL7 interfaces are available for interfacing with multiple EHRs and laboratories simultaneously. For more information about iNtelli-Bill, please visit or call 800-769-5554. For more information about Flat Fee or how Flat Rate vs. Percentage Billing, please visit or call 800-769-5554.

About American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMS)

Since 1981, AMS has provided full featured, easy to use, intelligent, state of the art billing and practice management software for physician practices and billing services. HorizonMIS is delivered as a subscription or web based product meaning there’s no software or special hardware to purchase (SaaS). If a practice using the software decides to outsource their billing, AMS flips a switch and iNtelli-Bill takes over back office functions. Office staff continues to use the same system they know, doing the same things they’ve done and having access to the same data while performing their front office functions such as patient registration, scheduling, insurance verification, patient payment processing, check out and other functions. HorizonMIS is compatible with all physician specialties including Anesthesia and Multi Specialty Group practices. For more information about HorizonMIS, please visit or call 800-769-5554.

Source: Company press release.

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TransFirst aligns with iNtelli-Bill on medical billing — 04:03:48(CDT)4-30-2015
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