UBPS completes acquisitions of JetPay and A D Computer — 11:12:31(CST)12-31-2012
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UBPS completes acquisitions of JetPay and A D Computer

Philadelphia, Dec. 31, 2012 — Universal Business Payment Solutions Acquisition Corporation (UBPS or the Company) (NASDAQ: Common Stock: “UBPS”) today announced that it completed its acquisitions of the JetPay companies and the A D Computer Corporation companies. The transactions were approved by the UBPS stockholders on December 28, 2012 and consummated on that same date. In conjunction with the completion of the transactions, all remaining Units of UBPS were separated, and all warrants held by UBPS warrant holders will now be exchanged for UBPS common shares at a ratio of 1 warrant for .1333 shares of UBPS common stock upon the receipt by Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the Companys warrant agent, of a letter of transmittal from each warrant holder. The Companys common shares will continue to trade on NASDAQ under the symbol UBPS.

We set out to create a one-stop shop for the payment needs of businesses. The acquisition of these two companies accomplishes that. These two companies have solid technology platforms that are secure, scalable, and flexible. They not only already provide UBPS with a competitive advantage, but their current and future capability in mobile banking and cloud technology will enable UBPS to develop products and services that will only accelerate that advantage, stated Bipin C. Shah, the Companys Chief Executive Officer. With a combined $32 million in revenues in 2012, approximately 7,000 customers, and solid profitability, we have created a platform we believe will drive growth and profitability significantly faster than the industry, added Mr. Shah.

A D Computer provides comprehensive payroll and payroll tax filing services to some 5,000 organizations of all types and sizes, representing over 150,000 of its customers employees, throughout the United States. The company has its own innovative technology platform, designed with optimum flexibility to accommodate payrolls of all sizes – from small family businesses to large corporations with 10,000 or more employees.

I am just thrilled to be working with Nick Antich, the CEO of A D Computer, stated Shah. I believe that his 30 plus years of experience and dedication to customer service, along with his ability to develop a technology platform second to none, will enable us to create a new world of lower cost and great convenience for our customers and their employees. We expect this new world will include providing employees the ability to get cash, pay bills, and access other money-saving services through payroll cards, mobile technology and cloud payment systems, as well as traditional ATMs and Point-of-Sale. I believe this will enable our customers employees to avoid high-cost payment services for themselves and their relatives worldwide, said Shah.

We elected to work with Nick and A D Computer because we know he shares our dedication to bringing these lower-cost services to workers that have not been effectively serviced by traditional payment service providers, stated Shah. Antich added While A D Computer has historically focused on local markets, our in-house adaptable payroll processing infrastructure combined with the UBPS vision and customer access provides significant capacity and opportunity to accelerate our growth under UBPS. We are thrilled to be part of UBPS, and are excited by the vision Bipin brings to the market.

JetPay is one of the small number of real time credit card and ACH processors and merchant account providers that process all front end authorizations as well as all back end clearing and settlement functions in-house from end-to-end for both card-present as well as card-not-present transactions. In 2012, JetPay expects to process more than $30 billion in sales volume with over 150 million transactions for merchants as well as independent sales organizations.

I am excited that Trent Voigt, JetPays CEO, and JetPay have joined UBPS, stated Shah. We believe Trent shares our vision to meet the needs of business, especially those that require newer technology and specialized processing like internet, cloud services, and mobile technology, as well as the ability to deliver those services seamlessly worldwide, whether to Chicago or Boston or India or Africa. JetPay has an extraordinary platform that can deliver products and product features far faster than traditional providers. Shah added, Trent and I share the vision of the market for the future.

Trent Voigt added, We believe that UBPS provides us with the vision as well as the financial strength to accelerate our growth. We share Bipins passion for delivering innovative services like mobile and cloud, and look forward to helping him change peoples lives. We have the technology to carry out his vision.

As part of the acquisition transactions, the Company redeemed approximately 10 million of the total 11,319,693 million shares eligible for redemption. The Company was able to use approximately $8.5 million of the $72 million net proceeds raised in the Companys initial public offering to purchase the JetPay and A D Computer companies . Following the redemption and the warrant conversion, the Company will have approximately 11.5 million outstanding common shares. In connection with the acquisition transactions, the Company also issued $10 million of secured convertible notes, the Company assumed an existing note of JetPay in the amount of approximately $6 million and A D Computer borrowed an additional $9 million from a commercial bank. On December 28, 2012, Nasdaq notified the Company that it failed to timely obtain Nasdaqs approval of the acquisition transactions in advance of the closing. As a result, the Companys securities could be delisted unless the Company files an appeal by January 8, 2013, which the Company plans to do, and is successful. Nasdaq also previously identified that UBPS may have fewer than 300 round-lot public holders and fewer than two active market makers, which were the subject of prior communications by Nasdaq. Based on a plan of compliance, the Company has until February 9, 2013 to evidence compliance with the minimum holder requirement.

We believe that our appeal will be successful and that our transition to an operating company as a result of the acquisitions that we announce today will permit the Company to comply with the various listing requirements and continue its Nasdaq listing, Mr. Shah added.

About UBPS

Universal Business Payment Solutions Acquisition Corporation was a special purpose acquisition company formed for the purpose of acquiring one or more operating businesses in the payments and payroll processing industries as a platform for further roll-up acquisition opportunities. The Company raised net proceeds of approximately $72 million through its initial public offering in May 2011 led by EarlyBirdCapital, Inc. Please visit www.ubpsac.com for more information.

Source: Company press release.

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UBPS completes acquisitions of JetPay and A D Computer — 11:12:31(CST)12-31-2012
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